life lessons...compiled by Kendall Suzanne Hancock and Emily Morgan Thompson

...learned from the game of Snake.

1) it's all about survival. all. about. survival.
2) the more you eat, the more you grow.
3) when life gets fast-paced, you die.
4) walls suck.
5) numbers determine your success.
6) homework/physical activity/human interaction is overrated.
7) if at first you don't succeed, try try again. (and again... and again... and again...)
8) yelling at inanimate objects is acceptable and encouraged.
9) competition with others can lead to depression, which can lead to perseverance, which can lead to frustration, which can lead to success. TOTALLY WORTH IT.
10) just face it, you'll never be good enough.

"you're not going to get married, you're not going to have kids, because all you care about is staring at a computer screen."- feedback from Leigh Anne Piercy


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i love snake.

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